Utopia Studio was founded by Daniela Guccini in 2018 from the need to combine, in a physical space dedicated to creativity, not only the photographic activity, but artistic and conceptual production related to images. 
 Daniela Guccini is specialized in Social Media Adv Campaigns and Portraits. Photography for Socials is her daily bread; from editorials, to still life, up to short videos and gifs. 
There are many professionals who collaborate with Utopia Studio: make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, video-makers and musicians.
 The difference between any photographic studio and Utopia lies primarily on the contents. We are able to tell the stories of companies and naturally find the aesthetic key that our customers are looking for, with elegance and cleanliness, always finding the perfect balance between light and composition.
One of our strengths? Knowing how to communicate through strong and captivating images.

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